Pop Up Camper Rentals
Serving the Twin Cities and Surrounding Suburbs
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Wide Range of RV Rentals, Camper Rentals MN & Tent Trailer Rentals

We specialize in renting Pop Up Camper Trailers.

ALL of our campers now have air-conditioning!!!!  

Our customers use these trailers for all sorts of reasons

-family vacations

-hunting trips

-outdoor events (music concerts, family reunions, etc)

When you rent from us, your camper will always be clean, and ready to go.  We pride ourselfs in only renting out late model, fully functional campers, at a cheap price

Why Rent?

Renting just makes sense for most people.  Its hassle free.  No winterizing, no insurance payments, no storage fees.  Its a fraction of cost and most people only use their campers 1-2 times per year.  If you do the math, it just doesn't make sense to buy a camper, unless you use it alot.  For more on the economics of renting, click here .  

Rental Rates

Renting Pop-Up campers is just about the cheapest way to rent an RV. Pop-Up campers rent for hundreds, sometimes thousands less than full size RVs.  We closely monitor our competitors to ensure our prices are kept low.  For our current rental rate, click here

Pop Up campers have a number of advantages:

-The trailers are very light weight, easily pull-able by a car or mini-van.

-Pop Up campers are the most economical from a rental perspective and from a towing perspective.  Their light weight ensures your vehicle won’t be burning a ton of extra gas, pulling it around

-Pop Up campers have a low “towing profile.  Meaning you don’t need large extra rearview mirrors to view the trailer.  Their low profile ensures that the drivers rear view is not blocked.  This makes backing up much easier.  Towing a Pop Up camper is almost effortless compared to towing larger trailers.

-They can sleep up to eight people (although thats a bit cramped)

To learn more about our campers, click here

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